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To become a permanent communication vehicle with the geriatric community and related specialties.
 To be a a house organ of continuing education for the geriatric community and related specialties.
 To be an authority for the promotion and dissemination of science and technology in the specialty of geriatrics,
understanding the concepts of science and technology in a broad sense,
including technological advances, experience and clinical research.


Vol.9 Num.1

January - June,
Volume 9, Number 1

Original article:

Jorge E. Chavarría-Favila, Gerardo Ávila-Butrón, Denisse Prone-Olazabal, Yohami S. Ortiz-López

Sensitivity and specificity of the Global Leadership Initiative on Malnutrition criteria for the detection of malnutrition in geriatric patients

José O. Duarte-Flores, Jaime A. Espinoza-Ávila, Cynthia G. Solís-Silva, Lorena Ávila-Cázarez, Julián Abraham-Mancilla, María del C. Arellano-Correa, Horacio Vargas-Jiménez

Implementation of an orthogeriatric model in a second-level hospital in Mexico

Klissman López-Cruz, Jesús A. Gómez-García, Virgilio A. Hernández-Ruiz, Nancy E. Guzmán-Delgado, Luis A. Arboine-Aguirre

Relation between adverse drugs reactions with potentially inappropriate prescription in hospitalized older adults

Alicia M. Negrete-Cruz, Jesús A. Gómez-García, Eder E. Aguilar-y Méndez, Roxela Botello-López, Nancy E. Guzmán-Delgado

Quality of life in elderly adults with infarct code in cardiac rehabilitation

Brief communication:

Antonio González, Fernanda Aviña, Dario Sandoval, Andrea Higareda, Gretell Henríquez-Santos

Nephrotic syndrome secondary to Sjögren syndrome in an older adult: a clinical case analysis