Code of conduct for reviewers

The reviewers of manuscripts sent to Journal of Latin American Geriatric Medicine undertake to observe and act following the principles of responsibility, integrity, confidentiality, impartiality, and objectivity, and they will carry out their work as reviewers with absolute transparency.

In any case, potential conflicts of interest must be declared.

The reviewers will evaluate the following aspects in the received manuscripts:

• Originality and academic quality

• Timeliness and relevance

• Scientific contribution

• Adherence to ethical principles

• Methodological quality

•  Transparency


The following actions will be considered bad practices and may lead to the retraction of the manuscript:

• Plagiarism

• Lack of adherence to international ethical standards in the development of research.

• Data fractioning or salami slicing

• Falsification, appropriation, or unauthorized reproduction of data, figures, images, algorithms, or tables.

• Duplicate or redundant publication

• Manipulation of bibliographic citations, including unwarranted self-citation

• Omission of relevant information that has a direct impact on the content of the manuscript.

• Unjustified alteration of the authors’ list 


For detailed information, please refer to: